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About Consumer Finance Report

Consumer Finance report is an informational website that exists to help educate consumers about matters related to consumer finance and bad credit. Our goals are to help you make educated financial decisions and to show you how to avoid the rip off artists and scammers that have infiltrated the lending and debt consolidation industries.

The copy writers and staff at Consumer Finance Report all have many years of experience in the world of consumer finance and approach every article or piece of information on this site as an opportunity to help someone improve their life. Our mission is to give you honest and impartial information about a wide range of financial topics and then, when appropriate, present reputable service providers that may be of assistance to you.

We strive to make our site very interactive so please do not hesitate to let us know what you think about our various articles and content on the site. Also, if you have feedback about one of the companies or service providers that we link to - we want to hear about it! Partners that get positive feedback will remain on our site as highly rated and those receiving negative feedback will be removed from the site. This feedback loop helps us to ensure that we are only partnering with the most reputable and service driven companies in the consumer finance industry.

Consumer Finance Report has a complete library of articles and content related to bad credit loans, debt consolidation, mortgage lending, credit reports and improving your credit score, identity theft and much more. Please visit our site map to access all of our articles and content.

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